Monday, July 4, 2011

The "War on Drugs" is a fraud. Nothing more.

July, 4th 2011
Fort Worth, Texas-

The fraudulent "War on Drugs" has gone on for 40 years, and it is now time to put it to bed. Let it go quietly into that good night. Let it slip from our collective consciousness like a case of 24 hour food poisoning, or a nightmare that we dare not think of again, for fear of its return...

Did we not learn anything from the rampant crime created by "prohibition" in the roaring 20's? Did we as a country forget how it gave rise to crime syndicates galore, and the likes of "Bugsy" Siegel and Al Capone?

We didn't forget.
At all.

We just assimilated the crime syndicates into our government. We gave the lunatics the keys to the asylum. If "Bugsy" and Al were alive today, they would each be sitting as a director for some useless government agency. Maybe in the ATF or the FDA.

Maybe Al would be a sitting Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

Maybe "Bugsy" would be the head of the DEA.

Either way, it would be no different than the unending reign of criminality in the US government. Would Al Capone investigate allegations of wrongdoing by his own department?

Would "Bugsy"?

Hell no they wouldn't, just like the 911 commission or the Warren commission didn't investigate wrongdoings of the US government in either case.

The "War on Drugs" is a fraud. A farce of the highest degree, just like the "War" on terrorism. These wars only exist to justify the governments own consumption of astronomical budgets and the furtherance of its own bloated existence.

All on our dime.

Sure, some drugs are bad. (sex can kill you too but that doesn't stop anyone from doing it.)

Hundreds of thousands of people each year are arrested and imprisoned because they were in possession of "some drug" that some bureaucrat in some government agency said was "bad for you" because the private sale of which either:

1. Didn't benefit the government directly, because it wasn't reasonably easy to tax.
2. Took revenue from "Big Pharma" (people have no right to decide what they put into their own bodies)
3. Wouldn't generate funds for state and federal government by stimulating the prison-industrial complex.

Never-mind that "some drug" usually finds its way into the US, and then into the hands of the consumer by governmental means.

Don't believe me?

Do a little research on "Air America", "Iran/Contra" and the CIA's connection to importing Cocaine right to the hands of the L.A. Gang hierarchy. Look into WHY the US Military is guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan as we speak...

Not only does our GOV import it, and make money off its sale, but it also makes money off of its prosecution of drug crimes by prison labor.

YES, some "criminals" are bad, and need to be behind bars, but some don't. Drug addiction is a sickness, not a crime.

Many times, in the US Prison system, the non violent tend to spend more time incarcerated than the violent do.  For example, when California recently had to let some 3000 offenders go due to prison overcrowding, guess who they let go?

The non violent drug offenders?


They let violent offenders and gang members back out on to the streets.

Now, WHY they would do such a thing?

- Problem-Reaction-Solution-.

The violent are harder to control once IN prison, and the non violent tend to "toe the line".

Plus, the more destruction and havoc caused in the real world by those released "violent offenders"  means more federal funding for Law Enforcement agencies. The larger the budget, the bigger SNAFUS can be created to "protect regular people" from the big bad wolves like terrorism, drug use, and Gun crimes like the many flawlessly executed (not) operations by the "incompetent" BATFE Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (OP: Fast and Furious; "Gunwalker"; "Branch Davidia", etc) debacles, etc.

The BAFTE is NOT incompetent. They are performing just as intended. They are systematically whittling away at our individual freedoms, right in plain view, and the masses do nothing to stop it. The only war being fought is against the US Constitution and the freedom loving citizens of this once great country.

The system imprisons the nonviolent. Then it lets the violent go to create more violence, to force the people to DEMAND that something be done about it.

The more we are bombarded with this false propaganda the belief that it is real seeps in. We dont look deeper to discover the motivations behind the statistics. We just blindly swallow the lies we are being served.

"We, the people" will then vote for larger budgets for the police, the police will get the cash, and then think up some ridiculous use for the budget like [OPERATION: GUNWALKER] allowing inconceivable amounts of weaponry to be traffiked to the Cartels in Mexico (illegally I might add), so the ATF can say how much we need to tighten and shut down the second amendment, because "bad people" are exploiting it.

Well, the "bad people" that are "exploiting" it are the criminals in the government that think all wars are meant to be sustainable; and those in law enforcement and government that feel it is better to justify their own existence by creating more problems (enslave and terrify), rather than doing their damn jobs and solving the real problems we have. (serve and protect).

But that can't happen. Not if more of the sleeping masses don't wake up.

If we actually woke up and took personal responsibility for the situation we are in my god...

We wouldn't need a "paramilitary" police force anymore...

A simple but proven effective city police force... "Sheriffs  and Deputies"..sworn to "Protect and Serve" (Not a Federally funded goon squad only concerned with collecting revenue) would be all that is needed to insure domestic tranquility...

And that’s the truth… as I see it.

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