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When "Police" no longer operate with "consent of the governed"...there is tyranny. Where do you draw the line?

When "Police" no longer operate with "consent of the governed"...there is tyranny. Where do you draw the line?

November 28, 2013 at 6:05am
When is "enough", enough?

At what point should you "aim to misbehave"?

Perhaps when our fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are believed to be nothing more than privileges to be taken away by those we entrusted to protect them in the first place? 

Or, maybe when asserting those fundamental rights is considered an "extremist" act by our elected leaders?

Well, unless you have been living in a cave or a pharmacological wonderland... you answered yes to both of the above questions.

This is the reality of today's Amerika, and that time im talking about is now.

I want you to watch the video I reference below with an open mind. DONT JUST READ THE TITLE.

Watch it.

Then, comment as you will.

Feel free to hate on me for my opinion. let me have it with both barrels if you choose, just think for yourself.

First caveat. the defining characteristic of an intellectual mind, is the ability to entertain a point of view without accepting it.

Second... more murders, abuses, and assaults  have been perpetrated in the name of "progress" by tyrannical government/religion believing that they have the authority to deprive others of their natural rights; than any other cause since the beginning of recorded history. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to think that we are somehow immune from Tyranny in the US in 2013.

Thats how the Russians felt before Stalin. The Chinese before Mao. 

The Jewish branch of my family tree wasn't thinking about Auschwitz, boxcars, or gas chambers when Hitler and his National Socialists Party rescued the doomed German economy from collapse. He didnt take over by force... he was elected.

Again, I restate that only the childish or naive would EVER believe that the simple act of "occupying" a political office; or "wearing" a uniform and badge; would... or even could "magically" convey the morality, integrity, and virtue expected of such an honor... upon ANY fallible human being.

Ill even take my statement ONE step further; and say that the few human beings who truly possess and exemplify the highest levels of morality, integrity, and virtue... rarely... if EVER... seek out such grotesquely blatant positions of dominance and/or control.

Although an overwhelming majority of police are deeply honorable and trustworthy, some seriously confused and deranged individuals do indeed slip through the cracks. LISTEN to the content before making a judgement based on the title alone. A healthy distrust of government is always a good its [government's] only...ONLY purpose for existing is to preserve, protect and insure individual natural rights to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. These three concepts are un-alienable [think lien as in a loan...i.e. cannot be shared with, revoked, or sold... to or by any third party or entity...not "alien" like ufo...] are ours by birth, bestowed by our creator...NOT bestowed upon us by any "government" created for the sole purpose of protecting the very concepts they seem driven to destroy.

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