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Why the US military gets a bad rap

By: Lono
July 2, 2011

Fort Worth, Texas-

Recently, on an Internet discussion board, I came across the following post from a 20+year Army officer.

I am an Army Officer and have been for over 20 years. I am sick and tired of the talk from people on this forum that wouId say that I conspire against them.
I am am sick and tired of people saying that we are going to kill them or put them in camps.
I am sick and tired of people saying that we did 9/11 to have wars to fight.
I am sick and tired of being called a baby killer and an oppressor.
We are here do uphold the Constitution and protect the citizens of the US.
Why am I demonized on these forums. Why am I hated.
I gave my life to protect and defend our country,
I give my life and soul to give others Freedom.
Why am I hated in my own country.

Before I take a stab at answering this question, let me first mention that I swore the same oath to protect and defend the constitution as the poster, so don't misunderstand.

To quote Bill Hicks:

I have the unpopular position of being for the war, but against the soldiers...

I'll try to explain why those sentiments exists.

Most of the "Esprit de Corps" that exists in today's military (most prevalent in the enlisted ranks, but also in the officer corps working up the ladder up to the field grade) is nothing short of a flag-sucking, patriotic orgy that exists to glorify the asinine orders from the self-serving politicians rather than the good of the country as a whole.

Throughout history there have always been those that have a self serving desire to rule (politicians), and they accomplish that by exploiting those with a selfless desire to protect (military).

Its easy to do this because "those who serve" start off with a misguided belief that those who "rule" are smarter or in a better position to determine what the national interests should be.

This is not the case.

At all.

The men and women who choose to lay it all on the line and "serve" are my brothers and sisters, but I fear they aren't quite getting the big picture.

They are deeply committed, i'll concede that- because it takes "guts" to put it all out there to be shot off for what some inbred retard in political office thinks is justified...

To quote R. Lee Ermy in his Iconic role as Gunny Hartmann in Full Metal Jacket:
Private Joker is silly and Ignorant, but he has guts, and guts is enough.

Well as it turns out, guts is NOT enough. It takes critical thought and brains to realize that some REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fucker) making policy and giving orders may not actually have the best interests of the nation at heart, and in most cases doesn't even think twice about spilling my blood, or yours, or our brothers and sisters, or the armies or citizens of a foreign land for personal gain.

The days of...

"Setting your motherfucker to receive"...


"Ours is not to wonder why, ours is just to do and die"...

are over.

Speaking to all my brothers and sisters serving in the armed forces: It is time to wake up.

Open your eyes and think critically about whether or not our nations "best interests" are in guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, or searching for nonexistent "WMD"s in Iraq, or carpet bombing everyday people like you and I in Libya, or ousting humanitarian leaders by violent means like was done in East Timor, Or attempting to retard the spread of "communism" like in North Vietnam while the very policy took hold in the US Politics while everyone was distracted, or sustaining ANY BS war just to sustain the Military Industrial Complex's lust for more and more cash.

We (American public/American Military) are nothing more than a credit or a debit on a balance sheet to these people.

Your service to protect is honorable, but the motivations by the chain of command are highly suspect.

-And that’s the truth… as I see it.

I hope that helps.

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