Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pledge of Allegiance (a retrospective)

Fort Worth, Texas -  The original pledge of allegiance was to "the Flag" of a "republic" that held liberty and justice up as the most important ideals of a nation. "One Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." "Patriots" (and my "Compatriots") as I see them, are committed to what "once" was America, not the perversion that it has now become.

I stumbled upon a prophetic video clip, that i have included for you to watch.

"Since the pledge was written, we have added two States and two words: 'Under God.'"
"Wouldn't it be a pity, if sometime in the future, those two words would cause someone to call the pledge a prayer, and have it banned from schools too..." - Red Skelton

The pledge, however "brainwashing" of an attempt as it may have been, was to constantly remind us why we were standing there, FREE, with the ultimate ability to not say the pledge, or to burn the flag in expression, if it was our such desire.

Now, It seems as quickly as it was forbidden to be recited in schools, it has been forgotten.

None of our ancestors, who gave their lives for this country in the American Revolution or other wars since, died "just" for our pretty red, white, and blue flag. The flag just textile. Just a piece of cloth.

They, and we, fought and continue to fight; for what our flag represented. "The republic, for which it stands."

That is the FREEDOM to fly it high and proudly, or to burn it to cinders if that be our choice.

We have used the very freedom, paid for with the blood of our forefathers, to finance our own destruction.

All because of those few who just wanted to be left alone, and to be free to live their own lives life without interference from a legislation crazed government, cared enough about personal freedom to DIE so that you you were "free" to give up your "freedom."

And that's EXACTLY what happened.

There used to be a saying: "America, love it or leave it." If you wanted socialism, fascism, or communism you were free to pursue it, to your hearts content. We just didn't want it here. we used to give "Political Asylum" to those looking for freedom, who would leave their homelands, despite all odds and obstacles to pursue the dream of "American" Freedom, which was nothing more than the freedom to FAIL or to SUCCEED without interference.

It was, and still is, up to YOU.

Not someone else, and NOT the government.


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