Monday, June 13, 2011

My fellow Americans, the time has come to stop waiting to be saved, and start saving ourselves

Fort Worth, Texas-  The time has come, that we can no longer allow our future to be decided by those who care nothing about liberty, justice, and due process of law. We can no longer put our faith in "Talking Heads", "Cults of personalities" or in the empty and unfulfilled campaigns promising "Hope", but little else of substance.

Our once great country has been bought and paid for, wholesale.The final nail has been driven into the proverbial coffin. We have returned to a rule by an Oligarchy.

The interests of the American people no longer matter, and our leaders are firmly committed to following their own agendas, and that of the unelected "United Nations" and the world banking cartels.

This truly is a sad time for those of us who remember what it was like when you could see your friends and family off on a business trip, or a vacation, by escorting them to the departure gate at the airport.

I remember a time when air travel was somewhat fun. You know, back in the day when a former "Miss America" only had to worry about hands on/in her vagina if she wanted to be in the mile high club.

Little things like "consent" and "choice" made all the difference. "Personal freedom" meant: it was her choice to make if she wanted to have a friend's (or a stranger's) hands on her, but not without consent, and not before she got anywhere near the plane. 

We define that as sexual assault nowadays. Its a bad thing.

But now, the TSA can do what ordinary police are forbidden to do, without fear of prosecution, because rather than a little 'b.o.b' [read: "battery operated boyfriend"]; that same Miss America "just might" be hiding a real "bomb" up there, and be angry about a an episode of Spongebob Squarepants or something, and if  the "slightest possibility" exists that she may be experiencing strong PMS, and be prone to "violent" emotional outbursts, she "just might" attempt to try and focus [read: FUCK US ] anger and blow up the plane.

That is a helluva lot of "ifs", and not probable cause in my book.

Just because the "possibility" exists that a "terrorist" could "potentially" cram a pound of high explosives up their ass- DOES NOT make it acceptable,  necessary OR reasonable for the TSA to stick their fingers up mine looking for it.

The term "precrime" refers to events and motives before an offense has been committed. In pop culture, the word "precrime" was popularized by the 2002 movie Minority Report which was adapted from science fiction writings of author Philip K. Dick (1956 short story "The Minority Report"), as well as other sources: in the film the plot concerns determining whether or not someone is planning to commit a crime. The term precrime has also been used in relation to techniques for so-called "profiling" to determine likelihood of future offenses being committed.

Is a former Ms. America a threat?
Is the former Governor of Minnesota who is also an ex-navy SEAL?
Is a "sitting" member of the United States House of Representatives?
Am I?
Are You?


But "Maybe" isn't a good enough reason to sexually assault anyone, even under the guise of "keeping others safe."

At least it wasn't in the America I remember.

I  remember a time when there was no such thing as "free speech zones" and you could peacefully assemble on any public property to make known your grievances.

But, I suppose all that really ended at Kent State though.

That was when dissent was the most glorious form of patriotism, encouraged by those in power who had lost touch with the needs and concerns of private citizens.

That was when we were free in America...

or at least, Free-"ish"

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